Monday, March 3, 2014

So they DO get snail mail in Mexico!

Hey! I’m here! So this was a pretty calm week. Elder Lopez got really sick (still is, a bit) and we weren’t able to work a lot. He was having...well, everything issues. For the past 3 weeks he’s had bad headaches, and this week he was up early in the morning vomiting. And he has diarrhea. So yeah, yuck. He’s starting to feel better now though.

We also had a conference with one of the area seventies, President de Hoyos. He was pretty good, I was happy to see my generation of Elders again, we shared stories and it was fun. In your Little Facebook group, see if you can find an Anderson, Shipley, Nelson, Wolsleiger, Kellgren or Sonntag. Those are the elders from my generation that I know. Especially Elder Shipley, we basically talk all the time when we are together. I don’t have a lot to write about this week. It was last week on Monday, I believe, that we got our first rain, and me and Elder Lopez enjoyed walking through it all the way to our house, which was way across town. So that was fun! OH! Also, I got the Valentine’s Day package…very much appreciated the cookies and candy!!  The cookies were very much, still delicious!

Another thing is that I’m losing weight. Like a lot. My estimate currently is almost 25 pounds. So that’s a thing. I really hope this trend continues! So how are you guys?!?!?

We just had transfers, and I’m staying in my area with my companion for another cycle because we are in training. To answer Mom’s question:  Yes, I do get sunburned sometimes, but I’m wearing my sunscreen a lot.  (Insert response email here from mother lecturing him on the utmost importance of sunscreen.)

My feet are fine now.  Give me a minute and I’ll take a picture of my companion and I right now!

Also, tell everybody I sent emails and WOULD LOVE to hear back from them!

Love you!


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