Monday, March 31, 2014

Actually answering letters!

All right. Now I have got some time.

This week was...well...interesting. We had 6 investigators at the church last week, so that was really exciting for both of us. The first part of the week progressed really rapidly. We walked a lot, had some appointments, smooth sailing. What happened is, well, I got sick. And not like "oh now, I have a cold" more like I have a migraine and everywhere hurts. So we didn’t work Thursday. The next day I wasn’t feeling much better. The migraine had been reduced to a really bad headache, and I had a real bad sore throat. But the maximum time for rest in the mission is one day. So we went to work. We didn’t get a lot done. The day after I realized that I had the flu. Or as they call it here "gripa," so that stunk. But now, as of today, I feel a lot better.

Now for the fun stuff. Soccer is fun. I really like being goalkeeper. apparently there is a German soccer player named Schuhmacher (or something akin to that) and he a goalkeeper too, that’s funny. We play every Monday with my district.

Cactus is all right. I’ts a Little rubbery, and not very savory, but hey they say its good for your stomach so ill eat it. They are called nopales, I think. As food goes, we really well. The hamburgers here are actually better than the ones I’ve had ever. And the food is just amazing. I’ve also tried some weird stuff, mainly in the form of taco. Like brain, tripe, leg, cactus. I don’t really like brain, but oh my gosh tripe is like the best thing ever. Leg is just normal meat.

Also concerning companions, we have ...uh...I don’t know what it is in English, but they are called cambios, which means changes. On 14 of April I may be moved with another Elder. It’s bitter sweet. It’s cool to meet someone new, but dang, I’m going to miss Elder Lopez. There is a chance that I stay with him for another cambio but who knows.

and now time for *gasp* answers to letters.


Hey L! Things are fine. I’m glad you guys are praying for me! I heard that for career day you wanted to be a missionary? That’s awesome! I can tell you that going on a mission will only make you a better person. and yes I kinda do like that cactus.
Love, Elder Brother


Maybe Ill carry the cake face smashing tradition home, and try it out on yooouuu. Sorry but I don’t got no pics this time. I’ll try to take some next week. Don’t you worry! And yes soccer is the funs.



..,but yeah I hear Kevin loves supernatural so you can talk and fanboy with him if you want. Also being social? Going to things and talking to people? Man I don’t even know you anymore. Also, I know school is hard, but try your best.

Monday, March 24, 2014



This week was elder Lopez’s birthday. Some members gave him cake and we ate well this week. There’s a tradition here that when its your birthday and you have a cake that someone gives you, you have to take a direct bite of it, and someone usually pushes your head into it. So that happened about 4 times to elder Lopez, (and I laughed every single time.) 

We also had another baptism this week! Nicol Arrellano, a nine year old of a less active family. That was cool! I’ll send pics. 

Other than that, things are well. We have been working a bunch, and having fun. Trying to get by without exhausting ourselves. Fun stuff!

Also, here’s a little comment: I DIDN’T SAY IT WAS OK THAT JACK AND BEN AND LUKE STOP WRITING ME! I need the looooooove ( I know I don’t respond but hey its the thought that counts and I think about you guys all the time!) 

What else...OH YEAH there are some people that sent you requests on my Facebook and they sent pictures and stuff sooo you should accept those (at least from people with the last name Hernandez.)   

Gotta go!  Busy!  LOVE YOU!

Here are pics to make up for it!

Monday, March 3, 2014

So they DO get snail mail in Mexico!

Hey! I’m here! So this was a pretty calm week. Elder Lopez got really sick (still is, a bit) and we weren’t able to work a lot. He was having...well, everything issues. For the past 3 weeks he’s had bad headaches, and this week he was up early in the morning vomiting. And he has diarrhea. So yeah, yuck. He’s starting to feel better now though.

We also had a conference with one of the area seventies, President de Hoyos. He was pretty good, I was happy to see my generation of Elders again, we shared stories and it was fun. In your Little Facebook group, see if you can find an Anderson, Shipley, Nelson, Wolsleiger, Kellgren or Sonntag. Those are the elders from my generation that I know. Especially Elder Shipley, we basically talk all the time when we are together. I don’t have a lot to write about this week. It was last week on Monday, I believe, that we got our first rain, and me and Elder Lopez enjoyed walking through it all the way to our house, which was way across town. So that was fun! OH! Also, I got the Valentine’s Day package…very much appreciated the cookies and candy!!  The cookies were very much, still delicious!

Another thing is that I’m losing weight. Like a lot. My estimate currently is almost 25 pounds. So that’s a thing. I really hope this trend continues! So how are you guys?!?!?

We just had transfers, and I’m staying in my area with my companion for another cycle because we are in training. To answer Mom’s question:  Yes, I do get sunburned sometimes, but I’m wearing my sunscreen a lot.  (Insert response email here from mother lecturing him on the utmost importance of sunscreen.)

My feet are fine now.  Give me a minute and I’ll take a picture of my companion and I right now!

Also, tell everybody I sent emails and WOULD LOVE to hear back from them!

Love you!