Monday, February 24, 2014

Visas and a Baptism.

This week has been a full one. We started out the week with me getting my visa on Tuesday. That was certainly interesting. We went early in the morning to get to the office building bright and early. There I saw a lot of my friends that I came in here with, and I learned that I probably have the best Spanish out of all of them. We separated from our companions and we went to the Visa building. My companion went with two other missionaries to their area. When we got to the building, they gave us minimal instructions and sent us in. We had practically no idea what we were supposed to do. When we got called up, we were all told that our pictures on our Visas were too far away, and that we needed to take pictures closer up. We went out of the building and there was no one waiting for us, so someone called the mission president and he called the secretary that was in charge of us. He came and we went to take pictures in an other place, went back to the original building, and gave our fingerprints and our signatures and Bam! Suddenly we all have visas for the next 3 years?  By the time I got back into my area with my companion, it was already seven in the evening; we had missed four of our fixed appointments. That was a bummer. We had expected to return at 1 in the afternoon or something. But oh well. We still had our last fixed appointment, a guy named Daniel Clemente. He is also they guy that I baptized last Saturday! He's really cool. He works as a newspaper photographer. Before his baptism, he had an infinite amount of trials. His wife wants a divorce; his kids are sick, and many more things. But he stood strong and I got to baptize him. I don't know if I'll meet anyone this prepared for the gospel again in my mission, man it was really cool! And afterwards, his brothers started asking about the church and wanted to learn more! They are not in our area, but it doesn’t really matter. It felt awesome. 

We were also supposed to have a baptism next week too. Supposed to. Unfortunately, he had problems with the word of wisdom, and relapsed last Tuesday. We asked him why he wanted to be baptized, and all the answers weren't involved with his own desire. He mainly wants to be baptized because his wife wants to go to the temple with him. After the lesson, his wife messaged us and said that we shouldn’t waste our time, and that we all plainly saw that he has no desire. We responded that we know that he can be baptized, and we know that if we work with him, he can find that desire. So that was basically the trial of the week. 

Yesterday we got to sing for the ward. We were going to sing Divina Luz which is “Lead Kindly Light” In Spanish (which is my favorite hymn by the way,) but the Hermanas wanted to sing something about missionary work, so we sang “Called to Serve.” It was still cool, and the people in my ward commented that I have an amazing voice, which was also real cool. What isn't real cool is that the ward isn't exactly motivated for mission work. The ward goal, for reference, is 10 for each companionship. We don’t get any. We keep trying to find ways to inspire references.

Today one of the sisters in our ward had a birthday, and we celebrated in the chapel with cake and stuff. That was real fun. Then we went to the store, bought some food, got our haircut, and now I’m here writing. It’s awesome here! I hope you guys are having fun. Oh, and also, my p days last till 6 now. Its great!

Con Amor, Elder Schuhmacher

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