Thursday, December 26, 2013

MTC, two weeks in.

(I sent him a letter with a list of questions from the family.  Here is his reply.)

I get up at 6:30 every morning, and go to bed at 10:30. The day mainly consists of getting up, getting dressed, eating breakfast, class till lunch, have lunch, study/class till dinner, have dinner, study/class till 9:30, then we plan, then we have an hour of personal time, then we go to bed at 10:30. Its always a full day, because you are always doing something. We eat at 7:00 am, 11:30 am, and 4:30 pm. It is a buffet, but the food is sometimes not desirable. It’s still pretty good though.

I got the Christmas package, thank you so much for it. The cookies were completely fine, and completely delicious. The temple is closed still, so I cant go in it yet…but it reopens before I go. I got the camera, and I already sent pictures! I don't think I need anything, but I will let you know.

My final decision for my mission plaque is the same scripture I first mentioned, Jacob 6:12 (O be wise; What can I say more?)  I have used it thoroughly on this mission, and it is one of my favorites. And a great experience...well, one of the apostles spoke yesterday here. It was Elder Bednar and it was amazing! Our zone had an awesome meeting afterwards and the spirit was the strongest I’ve felt yet. I’ll be back in a bit, I still got a half hour of writing time. I love you! Ill be back soonish.

(Then I asked him for more details on what he did Christmas Day)

All right! So we went to main campus and had a talent show, which was pretty awesome. There was a sister in our zone that played the fiddle. Then we had a devotional from ELDER BEDNAR! I SAW AN APOSTLE IT WAS SO COOL! Yeah, then we had this jazz concert and lunch.  (The main campus has much better cafeteria than our campus.) Then we watched a movie of the tabernacle choir, which admittedly was pretty boring. But the review we had with our zone after the devotional was awesome! We each took turns saying what we thought. We also got to email our families as well, but for only 20 minutes.  That’s everything on Christmas. 

Tell my friends to send me mail and send it quick, mail is like gold here. Tell EVERYONE TO SEND ME MAIL. I will attempt to find time to send stuff back. 

I got to go, I’ll talk to you next week!  I’m all good! Completely good. Getting packages of a little food here and there would be good as well. (I’m starting to lose weight, actually.) I love you!  And here are some pictures!

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