Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Letter

SO Christmas has been cool, our zone had a little celebration last night having egg nog and such. I’m having an awesome time. Also, I get to email you tomorrow for my p-day, so that's cool.

I haven't been over eating. I have restricted myself to not eat a lot. So that's one thing.

y la lingua esta mas facil para aprender, en mi cabesa. hablo en espanol mas bien en tres dias que tres anos.

Anyways, it’s been a blast.  The MTC is cool. I've made a lot of friends, I’m a district leader, and yeah. I can’t really think of much else to say. Today an apostle is coming and we get to see him. Also apparently its going to be broadcast, so I don’t know if you guys can see it. What else, oh yeah…please just put this email address on my Facebook, and also inform everyone on my Facebook about dearelders come on the same day you type the letter because they print them out, but you gotta type them before 2:00pm. But yeah, I think it would be awesome if everybody could email me and send dear elders.
I feel as though I’m finally starting to feel the mission spirit. I’m happier than I’ve ever been out here right now. I've had some rough spots, mainly with the teaching in another language, but I’m getting through. My teachers are the coolest people in the world. We have two main-ish teachers, Hermano Finnly and Hermano Byrd. They are both hilarious and awesome, and I learn so much from them. We had one of the seventy talk today, so we got to listen to him and his wife. (Although we were expecting elder Holland) it was still an awesome talk. As I sit here in this weird little apartment on a computer, I want to write more, but I cant think of much. The Spanish is good. The food is good. The spirit is great. The friendships are great. The teachers are great. That's almost it.

ASK ME QUESTIONS. That will help. I’ve got 9 minutes left though, so if you are up on Tuesday at 6:41, lemme know.

Oh also tell Omi and Lisa I sent them an email a while ago, I don’t know if they check it at all.

So yeah, just tell everyone that I love em, and that I miss em. You guys'll have a blast anyways. Christmas is always the best. Sorry I can’t be there to share it with you guys! It’ll be just as awesome without me though. I hear families of missionaries get all the best blessings. So yeah.

Vos amo, y feliz navidad.

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