Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Letter


So this week we changed companions. My new companion is from Costa Rica, and is named Elder Garcia. He’s 20 months into the mission, and man is he awesome! I haven’t ever learned so much before in such a short time. I love it here! This mission is amazing! I saw a missionary return here in Mexico in our Ward. Man, that feels so far away for me. But really, this is going so fast, I don’t feel like I want to miss one minute of it.

Oh yeah. I would like some starbursts, at my district leaders request. I’m like the only guy that gets packages every month. I really love what you guys send me, and it feels great.

Also, if you can, you can send the pictures you have on email, and I can put them on my flash drive. I don’t know. I just really want some pictures. I know you guys want some too, and I promise I’ll send some next week. Sorry for the delay.

What else... we ate a lot this week. Elder Garcia loves to cook, and has already taught me some stuff. I’m honestly full almost all the time. Still losing weight, I think. I’m not gonna check for a while.

Also, if you could tell all of my friends to send me letters. I only get emails from my family, which is awesome, but I’d like to hear from my friends too. Lucas, Cafferty, Ryan, Richard, Eleanor, Itzel, anyone else I kinda know, really. Its awesome to receive stuff from you guys!

I hope you guys enjoyed this Easter. Here in Mexico we have the "semana santa" which means the holy or sacred week. Or something. Anyways, weird shenanigans in the happenings here. I also feel like my English is deteriorating. Especially without the auto correct.

I’d like to tell each and every one of you that I love you.  Even if you aren’t technically my family, I love you like family. This church, this gospel, this happiness that I have I would never want to give up. I’m still the same person; I still want to do the same things. But man, I have grown so much here. This mission has blessed my life in ways I never imagined. I would like you all to remember that Easter is all about Him, Jesús Christ. Remember Him as much as you can, because it will help you in every step you take in the day, and I can say that from 4 months of experience. echale ganas. god speed.

The Elder Schuhmacher

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